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Frequently Asked Questions 


How long do we have the venue?  

Times vary depending on the package you get. 


What is your maximum capacity? 

300 hundred guests. 


What’s included with the venue rental? 

In addition to venue rental, we include round or rectangular tables, additional tables for cake, gifts, buffet, and welcome, white folding chairs, white, ivory, or black linens, and charger plates.

Do you have a children’s playroom? 


Can we bring our own alcohol? 

Yes. Alcohol must be served by TABC bartenders. Alcohol service must stop 30 minutes prior to scheduled event end time. All alcohol must be removed after your event. 


Are police officers required at my event? 

Yes. There shall be at least one police officer per every one hundred guests. Officer/s must be present from the time alcohol serving begins until the event ends. 


Do the facilities have central air and heat? 



Do you set up tables and chairs? 

Yes. We will meet with you prior to your event date to work a plan lay out of your choice and we will do the entire set-up. 


Is the clean-up included? 


Are rehearsals permitted? 

Yes. A one time 1-hour rehearsal will be allowed prior appointment if there’s no other event that same day. Last appointment scheduled is at 5pm.  

How do I book and reserve my date? 
A $1000 non-refundable rental deposit and a signed contract is required to secure your date. 

Do you offer all inclusive packages?

Yes. We will discuss all the different options available to you when we meet in person and give you a tour of the ranch.


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